Most of our business comes from referrals from UK banks, Chambers of Commerce and UK Export Finance – the operating name of the UK Government’s Export Credit Guarantee Department. We can provide testimonials from them if required and we would to open a dialogue with you if you think we may be able to help any of your clients.

Fee Sharing and Reciprocal Business

If you introduce business to us that earns us a fee and/or commission, we are happy to share an amount of that income with your organisation in recognition of the introduction.

We may also be able to reciprocate with business for you as we have clients with a whole range of needs.

Call 01455 207770 and ask for one of our
Managers, or email us at:

Presentations to Your Team

We are always very happy to come and meet with you to discuss how we can work together and if you have colleagues that would benefit from a presentation or an informal overview of what we do, we can arrange a video conference format or come to meet you when circumstances permit. This might be a useful addition to your team’s sales meeting or just provision of information about trade finance – whatever is most helpful for you

Training for Your Clients

If you have clients that need technical expertise on the subject of trade finance, you can get us involved and we can work alongside you to provide guidance and solutions or we can deal with them directly – whichever suits you. Either way the client finds the solution. We can provide your client with a tutorial or answer any questions they might have – from freight and logistics to the cost of finance, or assistance with letters of credit.

Developing Relationships

Our business is all about the quality of relationships. Without trust and respect, doing business is not possible. Most of our business comes from introducers who have become convinced of our good reputation for providing great service and finding ways to help clients. We do not cold call. If we don’t so far have a connection with your organisation we would love to chat.

If we can add value to what you are doing we will be very glad to make contact.
Call us or email us without obligation.

Synergy in Trade Limited
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Telephone: 01455 207770

We understand that trade moves fast while Banks do not. Our agile approach reduces delays and may avoid the possible loss of an order by providing you with the finance you need more quickly.

Start your success story with us.