Synergy in Trade’s Services and Facilities for Importers

If you need to fulfil orders from UK customers by purchasing from overseas suppliers you will have a funding gap.

  • Your customers want the goods delivered to their warehouse before you can invoice them, and your suppliers may want to be paid before the goods depart from the port or airport of despatch.
  • Synergy offers flexible, refreshing solutions and a can-do approach.
  • We can help to negotiate the terms of trade with your suppliers to get the best deal.
  • This might mean paying them by letters of credit – providing them with certainty of payment provided they can evidence shipment to you of the required order within a specified time frame.
  • If it helps to be able to speak fluent Mandarin
    – no problem, we can do that too!

Client relationships are very important and our decision to provide financial support is made on the integrity of the client, not just on the strength of the balance sheet.

Synergy assesses the trade carefully and use our extensive experience of dealing with overseas suppliers to mitigate risks. We are consequently very often able to provide finance where banks might be reluctant. We can make quick decisions, as we recognise that trade moves fast and delays can cause pressure in meeting deadlines and even loss of the order.

We understand that trade moves fast while Banks do not. Our agile approach reduces delays and may avoid the possible loss of an order by providing you with the finance you need more quickly.

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